Tuesday, May 01, 2012

29 Faces- Can I do it?

Being a commit-a-phob I hate to even publish that I am going to try and do something, but this is so intriguing to me and heaven knows I need a kick in the pants! Lets see how I do, even if I do half of the 29 that is good for me! ;) I will probably be publishing all 29 faces on May 31st! That's how I roll!

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Ayala Art said...

You will have a blast! :oD
Don't forget to add the "Label" in each post so it will show in the linky.
And also, I strongly recommend to turn off the "captcha" so the readers can post easier. Some how the verification words show behind a window, and it is harder to dig them from there, most likely a bug from blogspot...
I have instructions in the Linky page, if you need help.
See you soon!