Wednesday, May 09, 2012

29 Faces Day 9 Do Not Fear the Journey

She is a crazy mess
Proud and Thankful for her life, yet RAW. Her vices ripped away, her hurts resurfacing, left broken open, pulsing with every heartbeat. They will not stay quiet. She sees the love and blessings and goodness around her yet she can't escape the aches, the emotions, refusing to be ignored any longer. "I have not given you this knowledge and awareness for you not to DO something with it." he says. "Your old ways will not work any longer, you have let me lead you this far, but no farther?" "Do you not know the plans I have for you? Beauty and Love shining brighter than even what you see before you now, but you must release the darkness to let the Light in. You must grieve, to forgive yourself and others." "Do you not know that they are only emotions? Why do you fear to feel them? They will not break you, I have built you stronger than that. They are only to mold you, to create in you a heart like HIS. You ask me to make you see life and others as I do, this is the way to learn to see. Do not fear the journey, open your heart, break down your walls, trust me, let ME lead you on."

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Walk in the Woods said...

She is a *wonderful* "crazy mess" ~ love her!