Wednesday, May 02, 2012

29 Faces Numero Uno

Here it is, in all it's "raw-ness", my first face for my 29 Faces challenge! Ironically there is no face per se, I was painting for feeling, release of emotion and the emotion I was struggling with was one that I am sure most Mother's have, so I felt it appropriate that the face remain blank to symbolize all mothers. The emotion I wanted to acknowledge is the ache when your children ache, that unending desire to be a Force Field of protection for them. To protect our children from hurt, pain, loss etc. But the colors I chose were soothing and bright to represent my recent realization of how my children grow so beautifully through their struggles and pain and shine even brighter on the other side of them. It also symbolizes the beauty and "enough-ness" of me just floating beside them through their pain. Realizing that fixing things for them is not as meaningful as just walking along with them through the pain, feeling their pain with them and celebrating the beauty they gain on the other side. This painting for me was a journal documentation of learning the important lesson of walking beside my children and not clearing the path for them. Selah!

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